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Bcrypt Generator - Generates a bcrypt password hash from a string with the selected number of salt rounds (defaults to 10). The output bcrypt password hash will be displayed accordingly. Bcrypt Checker - Checks a bcrypt password hash if it matches a test string. The result will be displayed accordingly..


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The bcrypt hashing function allows us to build a password security platform that scales with computation power and always hashes every password with a salt. Bcrypt is a password hashing function designed by Niels Provos and David Mazieres, based on the Blowfish cipher, and presented at USENIX in 1999..


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IP / Number Converter is a free online developer tool to convert between IP addresses and numbers instantly. Supports both IPv4 and IPv6.. This tool is split into two modes: IP to Number and Number to IP. IP to Number - Converts an IP address to a number. You can convert an IPv4 or IPv6 address to any number base between binary, decimal (as known as long number), and ....


Remove Punctuation Characters - Delete Text Punctuation.

A punctuation mark deleter can be useful if you're doing cross-browser testing.For example, if you have a restriction on an input field in your web application that makes it reject commas or dots, then you may want to write tests for this input field to make sure that in the next code iterations this field doesn't break..


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Useful, free online tool that finds the length of text or a string. No ads, nonsense, or garbage, just a string length calculator. Press a button - get the result..


Decrypt MD5, SHA1, MySQL, NTLM, SHA256, SHA512 hashes.

Hashes is a hash lookup service. This allows you to input an MD5, SHA-1, Vbulletin, Invision Power Board, MyBB, Bcrypt, Wordpress, SHA-256, SHA-512, MYSQL5 etc hash and search for its corresponding plaintext ("found") in our database of already-cracked hashes. It's like having your own massive hash-cracking cluster - but with immediate results!.


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Jan 03, 2022 . Captfencoder is a rapid cross platform network security tool suite, providing network security related code conversion, classical cryptography, cryptography, asymmetric encryption, miscellaneous tools, and aggregating all kinds of online tools. - GitHub - guyoung/CaptfEncoder: Captfencoder is a rapid cross platform network security tool suite, ....


Argon2 Hash Generator, Validator & Verifier.

Argon2 has 6 input parameters: password, salt, memory cost (the memory usage of the algorithm), time cost (the execution time of the algorithm and the number of iterations), parallelism factor (the number of parallel threads), hash length. ... URL Encoder/Decoder; Campaign URL Builder; Bcrypt Hash Generator; Cron Expression Generator & Editor;.


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In computer programming, Base64 is a group of binary-to-text encoding schemes that represent binary data (more specifically, a sequence of 8-bit bytes) in sequences of 24 bits that can be represented by four 6-bit Base64 digits.. Common to all binary-to-text encoding schemes, Base64 is designed to carry data stored in binary formats across channels that only reliably support ....